Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Oi! Quick Update today‏

Oi everyone!!!!

Sorry for the late email! It is getting super hot here and this caused for the power to go out, so we didnt have internet until now.

I have to hurry because I dont have a lot of time, but next week I will do my best to write everyone back!

We had a zone training this week. We talked a lot about finding contacts through inspiration. It was a really good training and we will definitely apply everything we learned!

Also, I went on a division this week! I was with Elder Stewart from Vernal, Utah in Matola. We taught a lot of people and got a lot of work done! That morning we made pineapple pancakes. THEY WERE AMAZING! The pineapple here is amazing and I can buy one for less than 25 cents in american money.

We had 15 investigators at church this week! That is a big improvement from past weeks, so it is really nice to see the improvement.

Sorry for another short email! Tchau for now!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Another Weekly Update!

Oi everyone!

This week has gone by so fast! The time is starting to get faster and it is really weird! It was a great week!

So we have officially entered rainy season!! It has been raining here all week! Today is the first day it is not raining. Considering everything here is covered in sand, it makes everything muddy... But it is still fun! The people do not like to go out in the rain, so not a lot of people came to church yesterday.

We did not have a lot of lessons this week because many of them dropped. But the lessons that we did have were very powerful!

We found another part member family this week and they are very interested in joining the church! So we have been working a lot with them this week too. We plan on working even more with our part member families this week because they are progressing so well!

There is not much to update on this week, so sorry for the short letter! I hope everyone has a good week! Tchau for now!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekly update!

Oi everyone! This week has been a crazy week! We were not able to teach a ton of lessons because we were traveling a lot. They changed my areas boundaries to now also include a city called Machava. So now our area is HUGE! We have one really good member family out there that have been through the temple, so they are giving us so many references! It is great! So this week we will be working out there a lot. We have to take a 45-minute chapa ride to get there, so it is a pain but totally worth it.

Quick interuption. A chapa is their public transportation here. It is basically a van and that SHOULD fit 15 people in it, but they squeeze in about 25 to 30 people... yes, it smells awful and is extremely hot... And because so many people need to ride them, you have to fight your way on. The chapa pulls up and about 40 people run towards it then it is game time. People shove and punch and kick and do whatever to get on. So that is fun!

Anyway, this Saturday we also went to an area called Macupi. It is a 2-hour chapa ride to get there. This city is so cool though! Everything is so spread out and peaceful. The typical African desert is what this place looks like! Sand and dead plants everywhere with people living in stick houses. I have some pretty cool pictures, so i will try sending them soon. We have 1 member that lives out there, but we are just having him invite all of his friends to a lesson and we will teach about 20 people at once! So we will start going out there at least once a week.

Our investigators are progressing very well! We now have 17 people with a baptismal date but by the end of tonight we should have about 25. We also have gotten some of our less active members to start coming to church again, so that is amazing!

We also have found a couple of part member families this week and they want to start taking the lessons. So that will be great as well.

We have been working a lot with Felipe and Celeste and their family. They were old investigators but the missionaries stopped teaching them 3 times because Felipe would not go to church, accept a baptismal date, or accept to be married. But these past couple of weeks, we started teaching them again! It is amazing! We committed him to baptism, marriage, AND he is coming to church. It is amazing how his heart has been softened over the years.

So overall this week has been extremely successful! What a great week! It is so nice to see our progress. I compared my first week here and we had 2 baptismal dates, but now we pretty much have 25! The work is hard but very rewarding.

Well, I think that is about it for this week. I hope you all have a great week! Tchau for now!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Transfer 1 done!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week! This week for me has been super crazy. Transfers were yesterday! I am officially done with me first transfer and half way done with my training! I am still in the T3 area with Elder Brown. We got 23 more missionaries this week, so more work is definitely getting done! President opened a new area and the elders serving there are currently staying in our house while they find a house for them.

Sorry I did not email yesterday! Our P-Day for this week was moved to Tuesday because yesterday was a national holiday and transfers got pretty complicated as well with moving people around.

This last week we had Zone Conference! It was so cool! Elder Hamilton from the 70 came and gave us a training. It was neat to be taught from a general authority. Our president and his wife also gave us some trainings. After all of the talks given, they fed us and then we went out that night into our areas to work.

Before the Zone Conference I and one of the Office Elders drove into the city of Maputo to pick up all of the new missionaries and drive them to the conference. It was cool being able to meet all of the new Elders! We even have an elder here from England!

So this week we made a big push with our investigators and with finding people because we wanted this next transfer to be even more successful. We did not find any new investigators yet, but our investigators are definitely progressing well. Most of our investigators came to church this week! As of now, all of our investigators (progressing) are going to be baptized by the end of this transfer (October), but we still need to work on marriage for some of them.

Our Progressing investigators right now are

Felipe and Celeste
Moises and Vitoria
Fatima and Eduardo
The Jovens (Gerson, Alberto, Avelino, and Jonas)

Anafelicidade is so cool! She is a reference and is so ready for the Gospel! She is a single mom with two kids. One 16 year old son and a 12 year old daughter. They are all so kind! Anafelicidade runs a salon on the side of the road. We will be working with them a lot this week and I will update you more on them later!

That is about it for this week! It is definitely getting hotter here and summer is coming!

Tchau for now!

One more thing! I wanted to share with you all a video that I saw this week! It is called "Our Temple in the Amazon". This video captures a lot of my feelings regarding the temple lately. There should be a version with English subtitles since the video is originally in Portuguese! Hope you all can find an opportunity to watch it this week!
Zone Conference 9/2015