Monday, November 30, 2015

Great Week and Another Transfer Done!

Oi everyone!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and gave much thanks for all of your blessings!

We did not do too much here for Thanksgiving. We just ate as a District and went out to eat. We did give much thanks so I guess we did celebrate! I made some amazing cheesecake! That is about it that we did though! 

Transfers are today! This will be my 4th transfer here in Mozambique. It is crazy how fast time is flying! I will be staying here in Chamba B with Elder Copitzki. I am excited to be able to see a lot of work get done this next transfer!

So I went on two divisions this week. One with Elder Price, from Draper, Utah. I worked in an area called Vila Massane. We did not do too much, but him and I have become really great friends! The other division I went on was with Elder Martins, from Portugal. That was a fun day too! He speaks some English, but we just talked in Portuguese the whole day because it is easier for him. It really helped me learn and grow in the language and as a missionary!

We are also preparing for our Christmas program! I will be singing a solo (maybe a duet) so I have to be practiced up! It is pretty scary, but it will be all good! I am so excited!

We have one family, Jeronimo and Suzzetta, who are finishing their marriage work here in the next couple weeks! That means they should be baptized by the end of this year! I cannot wait! They are so strong in the church and will be a great addition to the branch.

That is about it for this week! I hope you all have a great week!! 

Tchau for now!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This week flew by!

Wow this week went so fast! We had a ton of lessons with our investigators and they are all progressing very well! We have even helped some people start their marriage process! But we will see what happens with all of that.

Yesterday we had a last minute District meeting. They showed a video from the 12 apostles directed towards the Africa Southeast area and talked a lot about how to strengthen the members. It was super cool! It was hard though because they announced the conference on Saturday so we had to run around and tell everyone.

Also! On Saturday, Elder Ellis, from the 70, and his wife came and gave a training to all of the leadership here up north of Mozambique. We went and met him and were super cool! He speaks Portuguese and so he and his wife were able to do the training. They talked a lot about being self sufficient and honesty. They also talked a lot about how we need to be an example!

Not too much other than this happened this week. It was my half birthday on Thursday so I celebrated by myself. Half birthdays are a very important. But I am officially 18.5 years old!

Guess what I saw this week!! MONKEYS! So people said there are monkeys in my area and I didn't believe them, but I saw 2! I took a picture of one and will try to attach it.

That is about it for this week! Just one last thing, since this upcoming week is Thanksgiving, I just want to tell everyone how grateful I am for every single one of you! God has blessed me with knowing you all and I love you all so much! Remember; do not take for granted anything!!! You have been blessed so much, so I challenge you to find those blessings.

I hope you all have a great week and a great Thanksgiving! Remember to give thanks just like the name says! Tchau!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Update!!!

Oi everyone! 

This week there is not too much to report on. It was a rather slow week, but overall we had a lot of success!

We found this one family that is extremely ready for the Gospel! Their names are Alberto and Alena. We sat with them this week and they talked about what they want to know. They said all they want is to be with their family forever, have eternal life, and be on the right path. They also said that they know there is only one true church but they do not know where to find it. So I was like, well we have quite the message for you! They came to church and everything! Alberto said he knew something was different about our church once we stopped him in the street. It just shows how God is preparing people everywhere to receive the truthfulness of this Gospel!

We did not do a whole lot this week, but everything we did do was very good! We helped A TON of inactive/less active come to church this week so that is fantastic! We are focusing on reactivating a lot right now because we are trying to be turned into a stake. 

That is about it for this week. Sorry it is a short letter! I hope you all have a good week!! TCHAU!

Also, I had to give a talk in Sacrament meeting on Sunday! It was very stressful!! It had to be 10 minutes long and that is FOREVER when you are speaking a different language. But I prayed and got up there and talked for the whole 10 minutes. What a blessing! 

Monday, November 9, 2015

First Week In the North!‏

Oi Everyone!

This has been such a fun week! 

My new area is so great! It is pretty much all jungle. But the outer area of my area looks like the typical African Savannah pictures. It is pretty hard getting around at night just because there are no lights and so many different trails you can take, but I am slowly learning it all! 

My new companion, Elder Copitzki, is great! We get along SUPER well. He is a super big nerd kinda like me, so it works out. We have done something fun every day this week. We climbed a huge dirt hill one day, explored a bombed out factory another, and got escorted through a top-secret government facility. That’s just a few of the adventures we have had. 

I am still getting to know all of our investigators, but we have so many! The work up here is definitely hastening. The people up north are so much more open about the gospel as well! People stop us asking about the church more often than us stopping other people. 

We are still a branch at the moment. But we are REALLY close to becoming a stake. So we are working really hard with our less active members to reactivate them. 

We watched conference this weekend! So this was my second time and I understood a lot more this time around, so that was great! 

So that is about it for this week, I hope you all have a great week!!


This casual picture was from when we were exploring the bombed out factory! It was so neat, it really looked like something from the movies.
We found a place on the beach that sales ribs. So dont worry! I am eating well haha!

Sunday, November 8, 2015


This has definitely been the best and craziest week of my mission! Explanation to follow;

I AM IN BEIRA!!!!!!! I got emergency transferred up North to an area called Chamba B. My new companion is Elder Capitzki from Seattle. He is a pretty cool guy. I do not know my district very well yet because I got here last night at 21h00. So why did I get emergency transferred? It is nothing I did, I promise! An Elder was having some difficulties in the area I am in now, so I am just replacing him. NO WORRIES! So the North is the jungle of Mozambique. Picture the most African Jungle you can think of (including the jungle people) and that is my area. I will update you more on my area though. I am living 3 minutes from the beach and it is so beautiful. This is why I am writing today, because I was traveling yesterday. The office elders picked me up from T3 at 10h00 and my flight was SUPPOSED to leave at 12h00, but the airline company made us wait until 18h30!!!!! They gave no explanation. So I was sitting in the middle of Africa with no phone and no one speaking English. Scariest time ever. But I met this great couple from South Africa that somewhat spoke English and they were a great help. They let me use their phone to call our president and arrange everything. I landed around 19h30 and now I am here! So what an adventure!

Leaving T3 was hard. It’s amazing how much I took for granted.  The people were amazing!

Now, for the most important part, Gerson got baptized!!! It was such a nice service. I am so happy for him! On Saturday night he had a party. It’s part of the culture here to celebrate baptisms. So they had all sorts of chants and it was so cool. Elder Brown and I were the guests of honor so they made us eat so much food and treated us like celebrities. It was so nice. After the party is when my president called me to inform me about my transfer.

Last week was so successful! And I am so excited to be in this new area. I love you all! Have a great week! 

ps. I don’t have a lot of time to do internet, so sorry if I do not answer.

PICTURE! I will send more in other emails, so expect a lot :)

         Moises and Vitoria. They are working on getting married right now. 
                   THEY ARE AWESOME!

A kid named Cisco and some random kid from the side of the road...

Mormons Helping Hands


random pic with a bunch of kids

Gerson (left) and Zinobio (right) saying bye to me before i left yesterday!

Some Jovens from our ward at gersons party.

MACUPI! I loved this area in my area. It is the very edge of my area.

Gersons baptism again!

Me and Eron!

This is a good pic of my last area. Very sandy! And quite a few trees. Those trees you see are mango trees! I think this will be the last pic i send this week. But thank you and tchau! Sorry for filling up your inbox!

I was going to be done with pics. but here is a chameleon. People here hate them because they believe they are from satan and have magic powers. im not kidding...