Monday, December 28, 2015

Great Week and Great Christmas!

Oi Everyone! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!

We did not do a whole lot over here! Our Zone Christmas conference went very well! We sang our songs that we have been practicing! Also, my duet with Elder Tanner went super well! We ate a bunch of food and watched a movie! It was a lot of fun!

On Christmas Eve we had a party with the senior couple. We ate MORE food! It was amazing! We also watched African documentaries and played games. But the best part was that I got to Skype my family! I LOVED seeing them and getting to talk to them!

On Christmas we did not do a whole lot. We went to lunch as a district then went to the area just to visit some families. Everyone is drunk on holidays so it was hard to actually get a lot done... But it was a really good day!

We did not do too much but it was a good week!

I hope you all have a great week and happy new year! TCHAU!

Monday, December 21, 2015


Oi everyone! What an amazing week. It is already Christmas time?!?!
What???? It feels like I have been gone maybe a month. Time flies.

 This week we worked super hard because this next week will be hard to
 work because of the holidays. We had a Christmas party for our branch
 and I can easily say it was one of the funnest times I have had on the
 mission. I am really growing to LOVE this branch of Chamba that I am
 working with. We had so many investigators come to the party and it
 was nice. We ate tons of food and cake and danced and it was overall a
 great time! The members here are so strong and loving!

 Our family Jeronimo and Suzetta that were supposed to be married and
 baptized this week will be married (hopefully) NEXT week. We ran into
 some problems with the documents and timing but everything will work
 out by next week. SO please keep them in your prayers that everything
 will run according to plan! Other than the documents, they are
 stronger than ever and have tons of friends here in the Branch!

 Just so everyone knows, Sergio and Elisa (the family I was teaching in
 T3) just got married and baptized this
 weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a happy moment! ALSO!
 Moises and Vitoria (also from T3) just got all of their documents and
 will be married and baptized here in a couple of weeks!!! I am so
 happy for them! They have all been working so hard to progress towards

 Well, today we have a half of a Pday since we have Christmas day off,
 so I don’t have a lot of time to email. But I want to wish everyone a
 Merry Christmas! Please do not forget the true meaning of CHRISTmas.
 The life of Christ is an amazing blessing to each of us. He lived and
 died for every single one of us, so please remember him during this
 time (we should always but especially this week).

 Mais uma coisa. Ja passou muito tempo da ultima vex eu prestei meu
 testemunho em Portugues para voces. Aindo nao sou fluente mas aindo
 prestarei meu testmunho. Entao para comecar, eu sei que esta igreja e
 verdadeira e a unica igreja de Jesus Cristo aqui na terra. Tambem eu
 sei que Joseph Smith realemente foi um profeta de Deus e que Thomas S.
 Monson e o profeta de Deus aqui na terra hoje. Sou grato pelo
 sacrificio de Jesus Cristo e a expiacao dele em minha vida. Eu sei que
 por causa dele nos podemos voltar da presenca de nosso Pai Celestial
 de novo. Este Evanghelo de Jesus Cristo e o cominho de Deus e eu sei
 que se nos seguirmos este caminho nos vamos ser abencoados. Por favor
 durante este tempo de Natal, lembra-se a vida de Jesus Cristo. Ele e
 nosso irmao e nosso salvador e eu sei que ele ama cada um de nos.

 I hope you all have a great day and week! Tchau!!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Africa Update!

Oi everyone! 

I hope everyone had a great week! I know I had one! This week has been the most humid week that I have been here yet! African summers are CRAZY hot! The natives say it is the hottest in January and February...., which means it is not even the worst yet and I am already dying.... 

This week Elder Copitzki and I did a lot of running around, but we got A LOT done. We definitely saw the fruits of our work yesterday from how many investigators we had at church! It was amazing! Yesterday our frequency at church was the highest it has been for a LONG time. I love seeing growth! We are still a branch (yes I have already mentioned this) and we are trying to become a Stake, so this is a great step in the right direction.

So this week was also exciting because I officially have 6 MONTHS ON MY MISSION!!!!! What?!? That is so crazy. It definitely does not feel like it has been that long. 

I also went on a division this week with Elder Hunsaker, from Orem. He goes home next week but the Zone Leaders are trying to walk with every missionary in the zone, so I got to walk with him. It was weird because I went with him to say bye to a lot of his families since he is leaving. It was super fun though.

So we had planned on baptizing Beto, a jovem, this upcoming Saturday, but we decided to push it back two weeks so he can prepare better. But on the 26th we will be having a wedding and baptism for Jeronimo and Suzetta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have all the documents and now all they need to do is open the marriage process! I am so excited!!! I will let you know in 2 weeks how everything works out. 

Yesterday at church we had the Primary Program! It was definitely my favorite Sunday so far. The little kids got so into it and every single one of them bore their testimony! It was a neat experience and you could feel the spirit so strong.

Well that is about it for this week! I hope you all have another great week!!! Tchau!!!! 

Ps. 11 days until Christmas!!!!

Casual 6-month selfie with Elder Larsen (my MTC comp) 
and Elder Nunes
Here is the pic of a sunset! Cool thing is, is that this is not even some of the prettiest that we have had!

Here is a pic of a pineapple! AMAZING!!!!!! I could eat that whole thing even though it is bigger than my head. Everyone says its even better than Hawaii!

Monday, December 7, 2015


Oi everyone!

What an amazing week!!! We were extremely blessed in so many ways.
This is probably one of the most successful weeks that I have had so

Lately I have been studying Preach My Gospel and applying everything
that I can. From doing this, I really felt the influence of the Spirit
during our lessons and during the day. I know our success is coming
from following the book. We recieved 9 REFERENCES this week! We had
not recieved even 1 reference since my first week in this area. We
found 1 part member family and many new families! I cannot wait to
work with them!

Jeronimo and Suzetta got all of their marriage documents! So they are
going today to do the final processing and then next week they should
be married and baptized!!! So amazing! They have 3 kids, but only 1 is
of age to be baptized. They are extremely strong. Next week we are
also planning on baptizing a jovem named Beto. He is also super strong
and understands everything we teach him!! Next week should be a great
week as well!

That is about it for this week! I hope everyone is enjoying their
winter while I am sweating here in the middle of an African summer! :)

Ps. 18 days until Christmas!!!!!! (but who is counting)