Monday, December 19, 2016

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

Hey everyone!                                                                                         

I cannot believe that it is already Christmas! This year has flown by! This week all of the outside areas are being flown down to Maputo to spend the week there. It is the Presidents way of rewarding us for spending time away from people in the middle of nowhere... I leave Wednesday and I will not get back until Monday night. Vacation???? We are pretty much just having a week off. Hopefully the branch can work without the missionaries....

This week wasn’t to exciting. We spent most of the week at home because me and my comp both have colds.... not fun. But we are both getting better!

I also realized this week how big my area is.... IT IS HUGE! I am exhausted. Considering there really are no ends to my area, we can go wherever we want.... I think my comp was trying to kill me. We took a 30-minute chapa then had to walk another 30 minutes to the house we were going to. After the visit, we had the 30 minute trek back to the main road and we realized that my comp forgot his wallet in the members house so we had to walk ALLLLLLLLL the way back..... I was dead.... And Nampula is hot!  Really hot! I haven’t sweated that hard in a while. Sacrificio?

But I am still super happy and still loving my area and my comp.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Remember the true meaning of Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2016


Let me just start off by saying that I absolutely love my new area!  Nampula is the best! It is a bit harder here because almost everyone here is Muslim.... But we are conseguiring. As it is an independent branch, the missionaries do A TON, so our schedules are filled with trainings and trainings and trainings, and now we are training even more since we are about to split the branch... Also, we have an English class here that I teach. My comp kind of helps but he doesn’t speak a lot of English, so it is pretty much me teaching. Speaking of my comp, Elder Goes, he is amazing!!!! We get along great and he his super funny!  We are pretty much the same person, he is just Brazilian....

We also live at the chapel.... which is super weird, it has its benefits though. The church pays for all of our water and energy but random members are always at our house, so that can be annoying... 

I was supposed to leave on Wednesday to come here, but Mozambique decided to cancel my flight for no good reason, so I spent the day running around with the Wilkins trying to get me a new ticket. So, I finally got here Thursday night... I was sent on a mini mission though! There was a mission call for a member here, so they asked me to bring the call with me when I traveled up here. When we arrived we had a surprise party for the Sister who got the call. She had no idea that her call had arrived. She has been fighting for almost 2 years to serve a mission! She is the first Sister missionary from Nampula, so that was super special. She got her call and is going to Zambia!!! So she has been asking a lot of help with English. Her reaction to us bringing out her call was priceless, she was bawling and it made me super happy!

Nampula is also pretty into Christmas (which is in 13 days). Some people even have Christmas lights!!! The stores play Christmas music... TRUNKY, but it’s good. Nampula is seriously what I thought Africa would be like, there are mountains and rivers and it is just amazing!  Ok sorry!

Overall, I love it here!  Ask me any questions about it! 

We had 4 baptisms on Saturday. I didn't do a whole lot of work for these baptisms since I got here half way through the week, but here is a picture anyway. 
Here is a picture after the Sister opened her call!
Here is my new comp...

Monday, December 5, 2016


Hey everyone!                                                                                               

First off, TRANSFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am being transferred!  My new area is called Nampula B. The reason I named this email 'Banished' is because it is an outside area.  An outside area is basically one branch in the middle of nowhere... So it will be me and 3 other missionaries in an entire state by ourselves. It is super nice because we have a mission goal of creating the Nampula district this year (2017).  This means we need to spilt our branch TWICE! We have a lot of work to do... I went from establishing a stake to establishing a district!  My flight leaves Wednesday night. They don’t have too many flights to this place.... That tells you how far I am going... My new comp is Elder Goes, from Brazil. I will let you know how he is once I actually meet him. Also, I will be living with Elder Rash, from the MTC!

(Insert from my letter....  Hey mom! I am getting transferred!!!!!!!!!!!!  My new area is Nampula B! I wanted to go to swazi but this was my second choice. I AM SO EXCITED! Outside areas are so cool. I am also going to most missionaries dream area! Us in outside areas fly around for trainings and conferences and stuff, we are seriously establishing the church in these areas. Outside areas are typically places where the church is brand new plus 80 percent of the people in Nampula are muslim.... so that will be interesting!)

On Saturday we had 2 baptisms, Albino and Eliseu!!! Albino is super cool!  He is from Zimbabue.  It was interesting teaching him because we taught him in English... That was rough!  Eliseu is the little brother of a member.

That is all that is exciting that happened this week! Next time I talk to you all I will be in the middle of nowhere. Seya! Wish me luck...

P.S.  20 days until Christmas!!
While we were at the chapel for the baptism, I found an investigator that I was teaching in Chamba! Her name is Amina and her husband is Sergio. They have now been investigating for over a year!!!! The will be married and baptized on Christmas Eve!!! Too bad I wont be able to watch it, but it is nice to see the fruit of our labor!

Here is another picture of me and Albino

Tuesday, November 29, 2016



Hey everyone!

This week went well, I survived one of the trunkiest weeks of a missionary’s mission, so I am pretty glad about that... 

First off, I HIT MY SIX-MONTH MARK UNTIL I COME HOME!!! There are 2 rumors about your last 6 months. 1. They fly by, 2. Everyone starts writing you again, because after a year and a half people forget about you. I am hoping both of these rumors are true...

I did not do a whole lot for Thanksgiving... I was the only American in the house because the other American, Elder Smith, went to Maputo for a training... So I celebrated by myself. That is cool though!

The day before Thanksgiving the missionary couple here, the Wilkins, rented out a Brazilian restaurant and we had a little feast. It was Brazilian food, but still, it was amazing. The Wilkins are so amazing! I have officially adopted them as my 3rd set of grandparents. They like me too! They say they have to keep extra good care of me since they know my real grandparents. 

I had a division this week with Elder Anjos, he is from Brazil and is super cool. He is actually a pretty good friend of mine, so it was nice to walk with him.

I wish I was there to do Black Friday with all of y’all... next year though. Pretty much every Friday here is black Friday, it is Africa! 

That is pretty much all… I love you all!  Have a great week!

Here is a picture of how I celebrated my Thanksgiving. I made a REAL cheesecake! With cream cheese and everything. I was pretty proud of myself, and yes, I had to use a cake pan as a pie tin.... The mission has taught me how to cook some pretty nifty things. I am pretty much a professional chef to be honest. But as you can see, I shared my cheesecake with everyone that I am grateful for!! (Sorry if you aren’t in the pic, I probs just don’t have a picture of you. I still love you though!)  P.S. 27 days until Christmas

Here is my brazilian thanksgiving feast. Amazing! 
Sister Wilkins also made pumpkin cake and it was amazing....

Spending Thanksgiving with my peeps.



Hey everyone!

First off, Saturday was my half birthday. Just saying. I am officially 19 and a half years old :) I didn’t really do anything to celebrate... It was down pouring all day, but that is about it. I told people it was my half birthday, but no one cared... That is all right. I had a party of one.

I had a division this week with an Elder from Kenya... His name is Elder Chichir. But I like to call him Elder Xi-Xi (only my Portuguese speakin’ peeps will understand that... sorry)

We are also teaching a family, Augusto and Vanda. Vanda is not a member and Augusto is excommunicated. Augusto is actually super cool! He told me his story and I am very impressed. He was one of the very first members in Mozambique and pretty much started the church in many parts of the country. He also was the first district president of Mozambique! But now he is working on being baptized again. It is super neat to help a member such as him!

You all may have thought my subject was odd. But I discovered this week that Mozambicans literally believe in mermaids!!!! I thought people were just joking but I asked all of my investigators and members and they all believe in them!!!! I am not convinced. They told me where to go to find one, so I will update you all on my investigation. To be continued... Just know that mermaids may exist in Africa.

I hope you all have a great week and Thanksgiving! The most trunky week of the year has now begun. Let's hope I can survive the week. Love you!!!!

Here is a picture of some cupcakes that someone bought me for my half birthday. Whoever bought me these must be a very nice guy!!!
*see tag on cupcakes*

Here is me by a horse statue that we found.

Here is me again at the horse. The man wouldnt move out of the 
picture even after I asked him too. So this is the picture he gets.

All the youth have been practicing for a Christmas performance that they will be doing. For some reason they wanted to take a picture of us "praying"....