Monday, January 25, 2016

Finally have my companion!!!

Oi! I hope you all had a great week! This week was pretty crazy for me. I finally got my companion! His name is Elder Brown (it is funny because an Elder Brown trained me and now I am training an Elder Brown) and he is from Monroe Washington (also my second companion from Washington). He got here on Friday and we started working hard! We had to make up for being out of my area for basically for 2 weeks...

This last week we had another Zone Conference! It was great! Our mission has developed a new way of approaching our work and I feel it will really improve the work here in the country! 

Also, we watched the broadcast that the church had for missionaries! IT was amazing. I loved it so much and learned so many things that I am trying to apply to the work. Like "the name of Christ should always be on your lips" and bringing and focusing on the Holy Ghost into the lessons. I have seen a huge difference in our effectiveness as we have been applying these things.

I do not have a ton to say this week. We are super busy which is great! Jeronimo and Suzete have their wedding and baptism (hopefully) this weekend on Saturday!!!!!! I will update you on that though.

I love you all so much. Thank you to all of those who write me! It really means a lot. Have a good week! Tchau!

Monday, January 18, 2016


Oi everyone! What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! Sorry I did not write a group email last week, I was too preoccupied with transfers :) 

But last week began a new transfer! I will be staying here in Chamba B for a little bit longer! Which is completely fine with me, I love this area! I will have a new companion though! I WILL BE TRAINING!!! Ahhhh, I am so scared! It will be a great growing experience for me. I still have not received my companion yet, so I will let you know who it is next week (because I still don’t even know...) I have been companionless for about 2 weeks now. Elder Copitzki was transferred early so I walked with Elder Katoa for a week. This week I have been walking with Elder Larsen (from the MTC) because he does not have a companion yet either. That has been a ton of fun! Our lessons are MUCH better than they were in the MTC. It is cool to see how much each of us has grown in our teaching skills and in the language. Definitely better than our caveman Portuguese in the MTC, haha!

I have only walked in my area every other day, so it is hard to get stuff done. But the days I was in my area we got a ton done! We have been working with Jeronimo and Suzette a ton too. They both passed their baptismal interviews with flying colors!!! Our district leader was impressed at how prepared they are. That made me so happy!!!! Satan is really working against them and their baptism/marriage so we still have not baptized them. We planned for the wedding this week so lets see if we can get lucky this time around.

There really is not too much happening at the moment. Just working on getting people to church and to marriage! It is hard! This week at church we had a very low frequency... It was down pouring and Mozambicans have a huge fear of the rain, so no one leaves the house... 

Anyway I think that is most of it for this week! I will let you know who my companion is and everything next week! I hope you all have a great week! Tchau!

Here is a picture of me making Chamusas with a member. THEY TASTE AMAZING! Elder Larsen and I spent an entire day at a member’s house learning how to make them. 

Monday, January 4, 2016


WOW! It is already 2016! That is crazy to think about! I hope everyone had a great new year's though! Let us make this year even better than last!

So this week was rather slow, but we had A TON of success. We got so many of our investigators to come to church. We had 6 COMPLETE families at church! Now I am not saying this to brag by any means. I am just so happy! We have been putting in so much effort and have not seen the true fruits of our labor until now. I am extremely grateful and now it would not have been possible without help from God.

New Year's Eve was pretty fun! We had to come home 4 hours early because people here get a little crazy with their holidays. So we sat at home and just had a lot of fun. That night was hard to sleep though because their fireworks were sooooo loud and their music and screaming was even louder! But other than that it went well.

So Jeronimo and Suzetta SHOULD be getting married and baptized this week. I know I have been saying that for a while now, but hopefully everything runs smoothly. They should be opening their marriage process today, but nothing is for certain yet. I guess you will all find out next week :) 

We also have another family that is progressing quite nicely. Alberto and Alena. This is the family that I talked about a while ago, that was perfect and asked so many great questions! It was a hard situation with them because it turned out they were having a ton of problems in the relationship and with health. We have been on the verge of dropping them for weeks now but for some reason I felt like we needed to keep trying even though nothing was getting down. We were going to give them one final chance this week and they came to church!!!!!!! We sat with them yesterday and they explained how God really answered their prayers with this church and how all of their problems are getting better!!! It made me so grateful that I listened to the spirit for how we should treat their situation. 

That really is about it for now. I hope you all have a great week! TCHAU!

This pic was from Christmas. It is our district. Elder Stewart (middle top) gave us each a Caupalana tie for Christmas so we took a group picture haha