Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ostriches, Pokemon, and Baptisms!

Hey Everyone!

This week was all right I am probably going to just give a brief summary.

First, Ordete passed her baptism interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So this Saturday we will be having her baptism! I will update you more on that next week.

One of our Zone Leaders that I was living with, Elder Mataveis from Mozambique, was extremely sick last Sunday. We rushed him to the hospital and it turns out he had a hernia AND his appendix was about to burst... We keep saying that the mission saved his life because if he had not served a mission, he would have had to treat it at a normal Mozambiquin hospital and probably would have died... But he no longer lives with us, he was emergency transferred to an area closer to the hospital.

I saw some Ostriches this week. So that was pretty cool. I will get pictures this week.

Also, some girl asked for my autograph. So I guess I am pretty famous.

That really is about it!! Have a great week!

Here is a picture with me next to a Pokemon themed pre-school that we found in our area :)

Stitches and New Transfer!

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty interesting! I wasn't allowed to walk a whole lot so we took it easy this week. But, we still got a ton of work done, so that was nice!

Nothing too exciting happened this week, so this will be a pretty short email. I got my stitches out this morning, so soon I should be good to walk with shoes! It is a pain walking miles and miles in flip-flops... 

Also, like I said in my subject, today is the start of a new transfer!!! Number 9!! I will be staying in Mahotas with Elder Brown! We both were hoping for that. I am super happy as well because we will have some upcoming baptisms!

Also, Elder Ribeiro (my old comp from Brazil that I walked with for a week) came back up to Mozambique! He finally has his Visa, so he will be going up to Beira. But he is walking with us for a couple of days until he leaves. 

Also, one more exciting/annoying thing that happened this week is that all the youth think I am German because of my hair and blue eyes and called me Hitler all week. So I don't know how to think about that... :)

Have a good week! Sorry this email was not too exciting!!! Tchau!

Here is a picture of Elder Woolley and me. He went home this week and he was a pretty good friend of mine. With all of the pictures we took at least one of our eyes are closed, so sorry about that...

Here is a picture with me, Elder Brown, and Ordete! Ordete is that amazing investigator that we have found!! Her baptism is marked for July 2!!!

Monday, June 13, 2016


So, as you can all see by my subject, I had surgery this week! :)))))))) But please do not worry, everything is fine over here!

I guess I will explain everything now... So, for a while now I have had an ingrown toenail (not too exciting, sorry). It has only gotten worse so I finally got it fixed. On Friday (my year mark) I went to the hospital and they operated on it. They kind of numbed my toe but I still felt every cut and tug... Worst experience of my life!!  So, after the longest 20 minutes of my life it was finally over but now I am all good! I am not allowed to walk this week, so we will see what happens... 

Just know that I am good! Hope no one is too worried! 

Enjoy this lovely picture with me and the doctor. He is kind of creepy... and from Cuba.
‪Well... on the bright side, here is a picture of me and Elder Brown with Rosa and her family! This is the amazing family that we found. Rosa is the one with the orange caupalana.

‪We also found another AMAZING lady this week. So over a year ago one of our members gave her a ride. The member took her number and felt inspired to give us the number, A WHOLE YEAR LATER! And this lady has just the right questions and is so smart. She said in our first lesson "All of these churches here are missing something. They all teach it so different and I just feel like there is more". AND she came to church!  Amazing!
Yeah... So before we did internet today we had to go remove the wrapping from my toe at the hospital. So, here is a lovely picture of my toe. :) I have to remove the stitches next week. We recorded the entire surgery on my camera so, in one year, I can show those who want to watch... Elder Brown doesn't get grossed out by blood but even he had to leave the room but everything is good now! Enjoy the picture! :)

Monday, June 6, 2016

Day 363 on the mission (not that anybody is counting)!

As you can see by my subject, this week is HUMP WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am halfway done with my mission and have been here for a year! Time flies!!!!

ANYWAY, this week flew by! We had Zone Conference, which was amazing like usual, you always learn so much! But the best part of Zone Conference was that President found and brought DR PEPPER! It has been a year since I had Dr. Pepper and that was the best moment of my life, I miss Dr. Pepper!!

Great blessings also happened this week! Remember Igor, the one that got baptized last week?!  I mentioned how he is pretty much blind and needs a super expensive surgery to fix it but his Uncle and Aunt stepped in and said they would pay for the surgery!!!!!!! Igor said his life dream is to serve a mission and so he needs this surgery! I can't explain how happy I was when he announced it in testimony meeting!

Also, that family I talked about last week (Rosa) just keeps getting better! Her husband still won’t talk to us but her grandkids and daughter are amazing. Her grandson was crying because he isn’t baptized and wants to pass the sacrament... HOW COOL IS THAT?! And, each of the grandkids (aged 15, 12, and 10) are already saving money to serve missions and they aren't even baptized yet! Amazing! I can't believe that no one has found this family in over 5 years...

But, I think that is it! I hope everyone has a great week! Love you all!

P.S. Thanks family for the wonderful birthday package!!!

Also, here is a picture from Zone Conference. Elder Morris (an Elder I don’t know), ME, Sister Dyer (from American Fork), and Sister Chunga (she is in my group and is Ecuadorian but lives in Italy)