Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Datas Batismais!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I did not write yesterday! It was a holiday, so everything was shut down!

This wont be a long email, just updating you all and letting you know that we are doing well! 

We finally have baptismal dates!!! They are a couple part member families. One is named Albino. He is amazing! He is from Zimbabwe but lives here. He speaks English but is learning Portuguese. So we teach him in English and that is the hardest thing I have ever done (exaggeration). It is so hard teaching in English!!! I much prefer Portuguese. He and along with a couple of others, should be baptized on the 22 of October! Lets hope everything goes well!

Sorry for the short email, but I hope everything is going well! Have a great week! Seya!

Here is a picture of our meeting house, as you can see, we are still trying to find our church plaque.....

Monday, September 19, 2016

Lost in the work...Literally.

As you all can see in the subject, I got lost in the work this week, literally.  I cannot even count how many times I did not know where I was and had to ask for directions... 

So, this week mostly consisted of finding, finding and finding. Other than finding we just got to know our area! So now I at least know the basics of our area and a couple of member houses.

I got our area book and phone this week as well, both brand new since we are opening an area.  Looking at an empty phone and an area book with 2 pages in it was pretty discouraging.... But we are slowly but surely filling up our area book and phone!  Just give it a couple of weeks...

I am really getting along with my companion, Elder Chikopa. The only problem that we have is that I cannot understand his accent... His first language is English, but his accent is extremely hard to understand... It is awkward when he has to say certain words in an American accent after I ask him to repeat what he says like 5 times, but I am slowly getting used to his accent!  Wish me luck...

We also had Zone Conference. It was super nice to see my friends that work in outside areas, areas that are super far away and they live by themselves.

Nothing too crazy happened this week. Just lots of walking...

Have a great week! Love you all!

Here is a picture with me, Elder Gomes (from Brazil), and Elder Nimmo.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Whitewashin’ in my 11th transfer!

If you did not already know, today was transfers!

Surprisingly, I will be leaving the Baixa! I was only there for a short time, but it was a great area! I will now be working in Nhaconjo B. That is in the Manga Zone, where we are currently preparing to create the stake. This area is BRAND NEW! It was part of another area before, but now it is its own area and I will be opening it. This is my third time whitewashing in a row, which means having 2 missionaries that are new to the area. So I have a lot of work to do....

My new companion will be Elder Chikopa from Zambia. 

As I said, I have become pretty good friends with the other Elder from Chicago, Elder Perez. He has a Chicago flag in his room so I took it and took a picture with it. 

Have a great week!  Wish me luck with the whitewash!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wedding Planner

If I was not already balding, after this week I am sure I lost some hair.  So this week was pretty stressful, we were constantly running around!
But as I mentioned before, we had 3 baptisms and a wedding!
Pedro and Fatima were married on Saturday. The original plan was to just have them sign the papers for the wedding. But on Thursday I was informed that they wanted to do the full ceremony!! So I had to plan a wedding in one full day :) That was nice. I made the wedding cake. Had to find a dress for Fatima. Arrange food. You name it and I had to organize it. That day was probably one of the most stressful days on my mission, but everything went well. The wedding happened and also had a crazy party and our investigators all got baptized, Romao, Fatima, and Gabriel. I can honestly say that I have never seen someone as happy as I saw Fatima. As she was preparing for the baptism she had the biggest smile, It made all the stress worth it! 

The time is flying on the mission! The ward of Baixa is slowly progressing. Once known as the weakest ward in Mozambique is progressing a ton! Me and the other Elders have some pretty big plans to help the ward, so let's hope they work. This may be a hard area, but we are still finding a ton of success! Our frequency has already gone up 30 since my first week here! Hard work pays off!

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all!

Here is a picture from after the wedding.


Here is the cake. Don't judge it... Missionaries don't exactly have all the necessary tools needed to make wedding cakes...

Here is the couple destroying my lovely cake that took 5 hours to make :)

Here are the 3 people that got baptized!

This is an amazing dessert that I had yesterday. 
It is pretty much bananas with coconut sauce and it is amazing!