Monday, October 31, 2016

Shark Bait Oh Ha Ha!

Happy Halloween minha gente!

I am kinda sad because they do not celebrate Halloween here, I will celebrate though, I’m just going to buy myself a bag of candy and eat it all.

To begin my festivities for Halloween, I dressed up as a missionary. I think my costume was pretty scary because a baby saw me and started crying. I think my pasty white skin really completed the costume to be honest.

This week was nice. We were busy, busy, busy, but it was good. Being busy always makes the time go by quicker. Nothing too exciting happened this week, just lots of walking. That is pretty normal though.

As you can see in the picture I attached, I am holding 2 sharks!!!! And yes. We will be eating them this afternoon. Our nice neighbor is currently cooking them because no one in my house knew how to cook a shark... You can buy them on the road, you can literally buy anything you want on the road. It was pretty cheap too! 100 met for both, that’s like a little more than a dollar for 2 sharks so that’s pretty good!

That is all. Have a great holiday and save some candy for me! Please :)

Monday, October 24, 2016


Hey everyone!

Today was transfers! Surprise, I am still here in Nhaconjo with Elder Chikopa. We all were pretty sure we would stay together so we were not too surprised.

I am excited! We have some baptisms coming up (finally)! And if all runs smoothly, we should have 2 weddings this transfer! Lets hope everything goes well.

This week we taught Frederico and Hortencia the Law of Chastity. I am always so scared of this lesson when teaching families, because usually this lesson determines if they continue in the church or not. But thankfully they accepted it well and are already working on documents for marriage! They were a bit hesitant but on our last visit we taught about the temple. They got sooo excited and all they want is to go to the temple. 

We also watched General Conference! I am glad I can actually understand the talks in Portuguese now. My first 2 times watching conference in Portuguese was hard. But it is weird that it sounds normal now...

This week was pretty uneventful! I will keep you all updated on the area and such.  Love ya all!  Seya!

I got to meet up with some members from Chamba!!!

Beto, the one we baptized, is now the assistant branch mission leader!! woot woot.

Sebastiao and then Cleyde on my side. It was nice seeing them! It has been such a long time!

Monday, October 17, 2016


Hey all of my people.  

This week was pretty great, like usual. It seemed to pass by super slow and the work was not going as well as we wanted, so we thought. But it turns out all our work is finally paying off (as I keep saying)! 17 investigators at church!!!!! The church estava cheio!!!!!!

Me and my comp, Elder Chikopa, also went to the ocean to celebrate my comps one year mark on the mission.

Also, I got to call my family to talk to my mom about her surgery that she had. Glad everything is going well! It was nice talking to them even if it was not for too long.

That is pretty much all that happened this week that was exciting... Sorry this email isn't too detailed! 

We have transfers next week, let's see what happens. I probably will stay... But you never know with transfers...

Have a great week! I love you all!!

Here is me and my comp on the beach.
Here is a basic missionary pic. I am so creative.
This is not the best quality picture, but it works. We made ´doce de coco´ with our investigator, Hortencia! Doce de coco is amazing! It is pretty much carmely coconut. Now I know how to make it, so I will make it for yall one day!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Steaks and Shakes

My subject may be weird but I have two reasons for using it.

1) Today is my 16-month mark on the mission!!! Which means, I will be home in 7 months and 2 weeks to enjoy all of the steaks and shakes I want.

2) We had Stake Conference this week!!! See what I did there :) 

Stake Conference was actually super nice! The subject was "temples". President Koch flew up here for it. He talked about the sacrifices for the temple. Many people say that money is the problem for not going to the temple. But if your family was truly the first place in your life, no sacrifice would be too big to seal yourselves to them for all eternity. So how much do we actually value our families? Great message for us here in Africa and everyone at home.

Our President also did interviews with all of the missionaries in Beira. Pretty good! He taught each of us about being bold, bridling our passions, and not being idol. He used some scripture in Alma. Sorry, I don’t remember the reference. He told me to control my appetite as he was discussing with me what it means to control your passions. I think he called me fat.

Also! We had a NEW family come to the Stake Conference! I was not expecting that at all! We had 4 families there! Just 4 weeks ago we had 0 investigators. Now we are up to 4 progressing families and many other individuals! Patience and diligence! Success always comes!

One of our investigators, Maria, whose husband is Bernardo, is amazing! She is already on page 70 of the Book of Mormon and we gave her the book LAST WEEK! She knows this church is true and even walked 30 minutes to our chapel on Saturday because she heard about the Stake Conference just to find the chapel empty because it happened in the Stake center. She is still showing so much faith! Now just to work on the husband...

So as you all can see, this week was pretty great! The investigators that we have now are the most prepared people that I have taught on my mission thus far. The work is hastening here in Nhaconjo and I am glad to be a part of it!

Here is a picture of our best family at the moment, Frederico and Hortencia. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

O campo esta branco em todo lugar – mesmo os campos com aranhas…

 Hey everyone!                 

This was an amazing week! Lots of success! We are finding many prepared people here in Nhaconjo! Lots of walking and work, but at least it’s paying off!

Highlight of this week was for sure church! We had 2 new families! Frederico and Hortencia, references from a member, and Bernardo and Maria. 2 amazing families! They are both so prepared and are very accepting to our message. The only problem is that they live in the area with spiders as big as my hand. So it is a sacrifice that I am willing to take to visit these families! Just don’t look up! Thus my subject…. Translation: The field is white in every place, even the fields with spiders.

This week I also was able to go to Baixa to watch a baptism! Essita, the sister-in-law of Deolinda. They are starting to have lots of baptisms in that ward from the people I found, so it is nice being able to watch those baptisms take place! 

Thank you all for the support that you are giving! It means a lot! And to those that email me, thanks even more!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Here is a picture with me and Essita from Baixa!