Tuesday, November 29, 2016



Hey everyone!

This week went well, I survived one of the trunkiest weeks of a missionary’s mission, so I am pretty glad about that... 

First off, I HIT MY SIX-MONTH MARK UNTIL I COME HOME!!! There are 2 rumors about your last 6 months. 1. They fly by, 2. Everyone starts writing you again, because after a year and a half people forget about you. I am hoping both of these rumors are true...

I did not do a whole lot for Thanksgiving... I was the only American in the house because the other American, Elder Smith, went to Maputo for a training... So I celebrated by myself. That is cool though!

The day before Thanksgiving the missionary couple here, the Wilkins, rented out a Brazilian restaurant and we had a little feast. It was Brazilian food, but still, it was amazing. The Wilkins are so amazing! I have officially adopted them as my 3rd set of grandparents. They like me too! They say they have to keep extra good care of me since they know my real grandparents. 

I had a division this week with Elder Anjos, he is from Brazil and is super cool. He is actually a pretty good friend of mine, so it was nice to walk with him.

I wish I was there to do Black Friday with all of y’all... next year though. Pretty much every Friday here is black Friday, it is Africa! 

That is pretty much all… I love you all!  Have a great week!

Here is a picture of how I celebrated my Thanksgiving. I made a REAL cheesecake! With cream cheese and everything. I was pretty proud of myself, and yes, I had to use a cake pan as a pie tin.... The mission has taught me how to cook some pretty nifty things. I am pretty much a professional chef to be honest. But as you can see, I shared my cheesecake with everyone that I am grateful for!! (Sorry if you aren’t in the pic, I probs just don’t have a picture of you. I still love you though!)  P.S. 27 days until Christmas

Here is my brazilian thanksgiving feast. Amazing! 
Sister Wilkins also made pumpkin cake and it was amazing....

Spending Thanksgiving with my peeps.



Hey everyone!

First off, Saturday was my half birthday. Just saying. I am officially 19 and a half years old :) I didn’t really do anything to celebrate... It was down pouring all day, but that is about it. I told people it was my half birthday, but no one cared... That is all right. I had a party of one.

I had a division this week with an Elder from Kenya... His name is Elder Chichir. But I like to call him Elder Xi-Xi (only my Portuguese speakin’ peeps will understand that... sorry)

We are also teaching a family, Augusto and Vanda. Vanda is not a member and Augusto is excommunicated. Augusto is actually super cool! He told me his story and I am very impressed. He was one of the very first members in Mozambique and pretty much started the church in many parts of the country. He also was the first district president of Mozambique! But now he is working on being baptized again. It is super neat to help a member such as him!

You all may have thought my subject was odd. But I discovered this week that Mozambicans literally believe in mermaids!!!! I thought people were just joking but I asked all of my investigators and members and they all believe in them!!!! I am not convinced. They told me where to go to find one, so I will update you all on my investigation. To be continued... Just know that mermaids may exist in Africa.

I hope you all have a great week and Thanksgiving! The most trunky week of the year has now begun. Let's hope I can survive the week. Love you!!!!

Here is a picture of some cupcakes that someone bought me for my half birthday. Whoever bought me these must be a very nice guy!!!
*see tag on cupcakes*

Here is me by a horse statue that we found.

Here is me again at the horse. The man wouldnt move out of the 
picture even after I asked him too. So this is the picture he gets.

All the youth have been practicing for a Christmas performance that they will be doing. For some reason they wanted to take a picture of us "praying".... 

Ate que fim!


Hey everyone!                                                                                               

This week was pretty crazy... 

We finally had a baptism!!!! Her name is Alexa and has 16 years. She has been ready for baptism for a while now, but because of scheduling problems we had to wait a couple of weeks. But we finally had the baptism and she is so happy!! She is the niece of the old (and currently inactive) branch president.

Also on Saturday there were some weddings for some other areas that we got to watch. I always like watching weddings here. The people get so into it! It made me excited for my wedding... ;) 

So I am pretty sure I knew who won the presidential election before all of you guys because I swear Africans are more excited for the elections than most Americans I know... Legit. Every television that I saw was watching the elections and sooo many members were kind enough to inform me about them. 

Me and my companion were running around the city a lot this week to treat some documents for the marriage of Frederico and Hortencia. There have been some complications, but they are still holding strong and are very excited for their wedding! Hopefully we can get these documents done quick!

Last Sunday we had a surprise birthday party for out branch president’s wife. It was super fun. We had no energy, so we did everything in the dark. But ainda assim it was a lot of fun. Our branch president’s family is amazing! They have already sealed in the temple and everything!

That is all that happened this week. Thanks for all the emails!!!!

BTW, 41 days until Christmas.

Here is a picture from Alexa's baptism.


My comp likes to take pictures of me while I do my hair because africans 
generally find white people hair amusing.

If you look closely, there is a lizard that supposedly is called 'Blue Head'... 
I have never seen or heard of it. So here is a picture.

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Stake of Mango

Hey everyone! 

Not too much to update.  Everything is still going well, just starting to prepare for some upcoming baptisms, here in these next couple of weeks we should have a couple!!!!

Also, just to let everyone know, we officially proposed the Manga Stake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! If the stake is accepted, it should be created in February (ish). Let's hope it happens!!! As you can see by my subject, the translation for "a estaca da manga" is the stake of mango. We are making a mango stake!!!!

Normally to pass the time as I walk down the street I read peoples shirts because most of them say something stupid or funny. But yesterday as I was casually reading someone’s shirt it said "Oswegoland Park District". I started freaking out and my companion did not understand. But it was cool. I have been looking for one for a year and a half now. 

Just to let everyone know, 48 days until Christmas. If you cannot tell, I am excited for Christmas!

Have a great week everyone! Love ya!!!

BTW the shark from last week tasted amazing!!