Monday, February 27, 2017

Polynesian Karaoke

Hey everyone!

Today was transfers!!!!!!!!!!! I am officially in my second to last transfer. ONE MORE TO GO! I am staying here in Nampula. Surprise. Haha but we all expected that. I am getting a new companion though!!!! His name is Elder Nogeira. He is Brazilian. I have no idea who he is. I just know that his first name is Mario, so that is pretty cool. He doesn’t get here until late tonight....

This morning I had to wake up at like 5 to take Elder Goes to the airport... I am dead. But today I am just chilling with Elder Burchett and Oliveira until my comp gets here.

This week wasn’t too crazy. It mostly consisted of my comp saying bye to people.

I am really loving teaching the temple preparation class! It is making me miss the temple even more than I already do.... The spirit was so strong in the lesson. A bunch of people were crying! Which is strange because Mozambicans don’t cry in front of others often.....

This week we also went to visit this nice old little Polynesian lady. She is a member for a long time but she doesn’t go to church because she can’t speak Portuguese... But she reads the Book of Mormon every day and even pays her tithing! She made me so happy! She loves having the missionaries over because it is someone to speak English with since she lives by herself. She made us a bunch of food and made us do karaoke with her, haha but it was nice. She even paid for a taxi for us to get home!

That is pretty much all that happened this week. I will let you all know how my new comp is! This week we are going to Maputo for Zone Conference. So I am excited for that.

Have a great week!

Here is a pic with my favorites Polynesian lady, Mila.
Here is a look at my area. My area has two major parts, city and not city. 
Here is a look at the not city part. Yes, that is a house in the middle of the picture.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Soaking Wet Shoes

Hey everyone!

I am sure everyone knows by now, but Mozambique got hit by a crazy storm this week... I guess it was pretty bad? I don't know because I am so far north that the storm barely even touched us... It did rain for a couple hours but nothing too crazy. Except that I learned that having shoes that are 2 years old with giant gaping holes in the soles don't really do well in the rain...

Nothing too crazy happened this week. We started teaching classes for preparation for the temple. We are focusing a lot on the temple here in Nampula. We currently only have 1 family that has gone through the temple. But with this great focus there are tons of people getting ready! We are currently waiting for 23 passports to finish being treated. Y'all are so lucky that it is so easy to go to the temple. APROVEITE!

I also helped a bunch with the branch choir this week... They are preparing for our branch conference here in a couple of weeks. They are singing 'A Child's Prayer'. It was a little rough at first, but now it’s decent :)

Besides the normal, that is what happened this week. Lots of reactivation and finding...

Love you all! Have a great week!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Leapin Rats

Hey everyone!

This week went too fast... We were very busy, so that is always good! We spent a lot of time treating documents for marriages this week, so hopefully we will have some marriages coming up.

To start off this week we had a rat in our house on Monday... So Elder Burchett and I got into our rat killing positions with our nifty rat killing tools (a broom stick and a shovel). As we were trying to get the rat out from behind the fridge, the rat jumped out from on top on the fridge and almost hit us in the head!!!!!!!!!!!! Then the rat start leaping around the kitchen! WHAT! I didn’t know that rats could jump. Nor did I know that they could jump so high!!!!!!!!!! So me and Burchett were going crazy in the kitchen.... running around swinging our broomsticks and shovels while trying to not get hit in the head by a rat. Craziest 5 minutes of my life. But we eventually whacked and disposed of it. :)

There is not too much to tell you guys this week. Sorry this is a short email. The work is going well here in Nampula! I can’t believe I only have 99 days left on the mission... It is going by crazy fast.

I love you all! Thanks for all of the support!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Na Beria Do Mar

Hey everyone! This week flew by! Literally, because I was flying around in an airplane all week.

I started this week off by making a chocolate coconut cake for my district. I was trying to be all nice and show my love for my district, BUT as I pulled the cake out of our ghetto oven the cake fell and went EVERYWHERE. Me being me, I tried grabbing the pan as it fell with my bare hand... My hand got all hot because the pan was hot too. WHO KNEW!? To ease the pain I grabbed a wet cloth, little did I know, but that cloth had been sitting there for weeks. I wondered why my hand was feeling all wiggly and I looked down and it was covered in maggots!! So now I had a burnt hand with maggots on it as well as with cake batter all over the kitchen.  Good start to the week!  I did rescue the cake and we did eat chocolate coconut cake.  Now I have a burnt hand, I guess that’s what I get for trying to be nice.

This week we had our Zone Conference in Beira! We flew down to Beira on Wednesday morning then we came back on Friday afternoon. I will give a brief overview of our trip.

Wednesday we got there then me and Elder Burchett went and got our hair cut. Then we decided to go to the beach, so we went to the beach and chilled and took a bunch of pictures. Afterwards, we went and just walked around the city. Then we wanted ice cream so we went and got ice cream. Then we went and ate at a restaurant since restaurants don’t exist in Nampula. That night we went around to the different missionaries houses and talked to our friends. It was super nice being able to see everyone!!

Thursday we had Zone Conference. It didn’t last too long because all we really did was talk about the broadcast we watched last week and discussed how to apply what we learned. After the conference we had interviews. That night I went to Nhaconjo to talk to a bunch of my families and other people that I knew there! That was so nice!! I only got to see half the people I wanted to though because it was raining and hard to get to some of the houses... But that night we got a bunch of missionaries and we went to a super nice restaurant to celebrate my comps 1-year mark on the mission. Super fun!

Friday we came back and worked.

This week was super nice! The trip was short but sweet and much needed. Staying by ourselves in the middle of no where is hard!

I got sad because the Wilkins’, the senior couple in Beira (aka my adopted grandparents) said bye. They go home at the end of this month... They almost cried when they said bye to me... But I will see them in 3 months so we are good!

I am going to try to send a bunch of pics today if the internet cooperates with me.

Have a great week!!!

Here is a picture of my district on the beach! 
Me, Elder Goes, Elder Burchett and Elder Oliveira
*hashtag* selfie. sorry, the hashtag button doesn't work..... 
 Here is me and Elder Green. He goes home this month.... 
 Here is a family I found in Nhaconjo, Bernardo and Maria.