Tuesday, March 21, 2017



First off, this week had two very important holidays.

PI DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went hard; I made a coconut cream pie, by myself, in the middle of Africa. I am pretty proud of myself tbh! Considering I made it with no running water in our house, it turned out pretty great.

Second important holiday, St. Patrick’s Day!!! I wore green and I pinched my investigators that didn’t wear green. There wasn’t too much I could do to celebrate this one.

Also! There are officially 3 stakes here in Mozambique. Yesterday they made the Manga Stake! I wish I could have seen the creation, but I heard about it from other missionaries, so that's good enough.

I beat my record of the amount of water used to take a shower. My new record is 1 liter. Beat that!

AND we went to Mila’s house again (the Polynesian lady) and we did karaoke with her. So much fun... I used to hate Karaoke but now I love it.

That is all that really happened this week. I am enjoying my time here in Nampula! I love my comp as well, he is hilarious.

Here is a pic of my pie I made.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Hey everyone!  One more week has passed.

This week went well. Lots of walking and finding, but the work is going well here in Nampula.

There is this little girl in the Primary and every time she sees me she gets all excited then calls me "Pai Celestial" (which means Heavenly Father) then runs up and hugs my leg. So I guess she thinks I am Heavenly Father???? But all the members tell me that I should feel honored that a child relates me to God because children know God the best.

On the other hand, all the youth call me Dr. Dre

I got THE call this week! I was sitting at my desk after a long day of work on Tuesday then our phone starts ringing. It was the secretaries! I answered and we planned out my flight to go home!!! WOOHOOOOOOO!!  I will be home May 23rd and I leave May 22nd from Mozambique!

Reality is officially setting in.... Sometimes I get super sad because my time in Mozambique is ending, sometimes I get super trunky. Sometimes I get happy. The end of your mission is an emotional rollercoaster. That’s for sure.

I’m not trunky, but I only have 10 more cups of sacrament water and 10 more little pieces of sacrament bread before I am home! :)

Yesterday THE President Kretly was here in Nampula. He was the mission president before President Koch. It was super nice getting to know him and talk to him. He gave me a bunch of advice on life since I am closing my mission and going home. Cool guy!

Ok. Have a great week!

Elder Dr. Dre

Here is me and my comp with Presidente Kretly

Monday, March 6, 2017

Fake Shamrock Shakes

What a crazy week! Though crazy, I loved it!

As I mentioned last week, we had to go to Maputo this week for Zone Conference... My comp was supposed to get her at 7h00 on Monday night... So we showed up and waited for him. But I guess the flight got delayed and no one decided to tell us so we waited in the airport until 1 in the morning!!!! 6 hours in the airport...

So, I got no sleep on Monday then on Tuesday, or I guess technically Wednesday, we had our flight to Maputo at 1 in the morning except it also was delayed so we didn’t even get to Maputo until 4 in the morning... 2 nights with no sleep. I was dead!

But once we got to Maputo it was great! Wednesday we had interviews with President. Afterwards, me and a couple of our friends went to Pizza Hut. We don’t have restaurants in Nampula so we went crazy this week.... We just walked around Maputo and bought some stuff, it was nice. That night we went to KFC...

Thursday we had Zone Conference.  It was nice except President made me participate way too much. I was having to do practices every 5 minutes in front of all the zones, plus I had to translate for the newbies. It was stressful, but I learned a lot.

Friday we came home and had to do even more running around because we had our Branch Conference this week... There was a lot of organizing to do.

Yesterday we had our Branch Conference and the counselor for the mission came and talked about the creation of the district here. He said it will probably happen in June if everything goes right... Too bad I won’t be here for that. My companion and me then had a meeting with the President. He talked about the work we are doing and how we are to prepare the creation... lots of work to do. Plus, we have a project to create two groups!!! We are trying to make a group in Pemba and Nacala. Nacala is here in Nampula but Pemba is in a whole different province.... The church has never entered this province so I am glad to be playing a part in bringing the gospel to that province! Organizing groups is hard.... Lots of phone calls.
We also have another group already organized here in Nampula that needs a lot of baptisms to be done... It is pretty far away so we are getting permission from the church and the government to allow us to go there..... The only problem is that they speak dialect and French.... I don’t speak any of those languages... so we have to have a translator go with us, haha, lots of paperwork to do this week...

That is pretty much everything that happened this week. It is getting very busy up here in the North!

To make up for the fact that I am not enjoying Shamrock Shake season, I found an ice cream shack that makes mint shakes, so now I am happy!

Have a great week! Love ya!