Monday, April 24, 2017

O Mesmo

This week was pretty normal. The same as what has been happening for the past 2 years... So this email will probably be short…sorry.
But at least I will be home in less than a month... Also I will be 20 years old in less than a month too....
Really, there isn’t anything new to say this week but I am doing great! Me and my comp are still good friends. The time is passing by so fast and these next 4 weeks will pass by even faster because we have 2 zone conferences coming up... Pretty excited about that!
I hope everyone is doing well! Sorry for the lame email. 
Remember that y’all only have 3 more opportunities to write me :) friendly reminder.
Have a great week! Love ya!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Flag Retirements

Hey everyone!

Just another week, nothing too crazy happened. We did have transfers, they happened on Tuesday. Elder Chikopa came here to serve with Elder Burchett. I am super happy cuz me and Elder Chikopa are super good friends, I served with him in Beira. He got here on Wednesday night, so I had to walk with Elder Burchett for a couple days...

This week we were casually walking down the road in front of the military academy here in Nampula and all of a sudden I hear a bunch of trumpets. Immediately everyone stopped walking and everyone that was driving pulled over and got out of their cars. Everyone was staring at me!!!! I got super scared because I thought everyone was going to attack me... But then I looked behind me and everyone was staring at the Mozambican flag being retired, not me. I was still scared though....

Also, we were visiting a member and there was a rat in her house so we went on a hunt for the rat and tried killing it...

Everything is going well! Just enjoying my time while I am here! 

Have a great week!!! And I hope everyone had a great Easter!

Here is the apple pie I made this week

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Last Chapter

Hey everyone!
So today starts my FINAL transfer on the mission. What?? That is crazy! We don’t know what will happen with transfers until tomorrow because President Koch didn’t get back from the US until yesterday... But only 6 more weeks left... 5 more P-days! So if you haven't written me, you still have 5 more opportunities! :)
This week flew by (like always). We watched General Conference! Super nice! I loved it! It was super neat sustaining my Mission President as a 70.... I don’t know if I should call him President Koch or Elder Koch....
I am so close to achieving one of my mission goals, which is to have a family name their child after me. There is a pregnant member here and she is going to have a boy. They have a list of names they are choosing from and Kaylon is on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can always hope!
We helped that same member who might name their kid after me, move houses. That was fun! Moving here in Africa is pretty easy. It took only one truckload to move all of their stuff.
ALSO, we had one more baptism! Teresa got baptized. She is the daughter of some members. She is super strong! She is already preparing for a mission, so that’s neat! And she is pretty much a professional soccer player here in Mozambique.
That’s what happened this week. Hope you are all doing well!
Here is a pic from the baptism.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Family Reunion


What a crazy week! So much is happening!

First off, I am getting a new mission president!!! For those of you who did not hear, President Koch was called to be a General Authority... I am kind of sad that I wont be finishing my mission with him. My new president will get here May 1st, so I will only get to know him for 3 weeks before I bounce.

I can officially say that I go home next month!!! Woot woot! This next month and a half will fly by!!!! For those of you who know how long I was working in Moab, I was in Moab longer than I have left on the mission. What...?

This week rained. De mais. Every. Single. Day. Considering I am the only drain in this city (get it? cuz I am Elder Draney), the water was covering all the streets so that made work hard...

ALSO! We had baptisms!!! We baptized Mika and Maria. It was super nice because a member also baptized his daughter, the member is named Madjuly. Madjuly is the cousin of Mika and the uncle of Maria. So we had a baptism all of the Madjuly family. It was super neat!

I still can’t believe how little time I have left. These next couple of weeks will go fast because we have so much to do. But that is good. Being busy is good!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Here is a pic from the baptism.

Here is a pic with me, Maria, and Amalia
(the sister of Mika that we are also teaching).

Outer Space


This week wasn't too exciting, pretty normal. So this email is going to be pretty short... sorry.

But, we are next-door neighbors with a hotel.... This week there was some super famous band from Angola staying there and the hotel and our house were surrounded by fangirling Mozambicans... It was kind of annoying because they were super loud, but I guess I better get used to it for when I am famous.

Also, my comp and I tried explaining outer space to some members. It is super funny because most people here don’t understand. We explained how the earth rotates and how there are stars bigger than the earth. Their reactions are priceless!

That is pretty much it. My mission is quickly coming to an end. It is kind of sad to think about sometimes, but I am also superrrrrrr excited! Only 7 more emails from me!

Have a great week. Love ya!

Here is a pic with 2 members, Brenda and Monica. I taught them how to make banana bread so they made me wear a capulana, lol!
This week has been super rainy.... Our house almost flooded on Saturday... We were all complaining for the lack of water and now we have too much water. So that’s good. Here is a pic of me in my area.... The water covered all the roads. This part where I am standing was the shallow part!!!

Family night with one of my favorite families here in Nampula!! Mario and Luisa. And we invited Brenda and Monica.