Monday, April 3, 2017

Family Reunion


What a crazy week! So much is happening!

First off, I am getting a new mission president!!! For those of you who did not hear, President Koch was called to be a General Authority... I am kind of sad that I wont be finishing my mission with him. My new president will get here May 1st, so I will only get to know him for 3 weeks before I bounce.

I can officially say that I go home next month!!! Woot woot! This next month and a half will fly by!!!! For those of you who know how long I was working in Moab, I was in Moab longer than I have left on the mission. What...?

This week rained. De mais. Every. Single. Day. Considering I am the only drain in this city (get it? cuz I am Elder Draney), the water was covering all the streets so that made work hard...

ALSO! We had baptisms!!! We baptized Mika and Maria. It was super nice because a member also baptized his daughter, the member is named Madjuly. Madjuly is the cousin of Mika and the uncle of Maria. So we had a baptism all of the Madjuly family. It was super neat!

I still can’t believe how little time I have left. These next couple of weeks will go fast because we have so much to do. But that is good. Being busy is good!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Here is a pic from the baptism.

Here is a pic with me, Maria, and Amalia
(the sister of Mika that we are also teaching).

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