Monday, April 17, 2017

Flag Retirements

Hey everyone!

Just another week, nothing too crazy happened. We did have transfers, they happened on Tuesday. Elder Chikopa came here to serve with Elder Burchett. I am super happy cuz me and Elder Chikopa are super good friends, I served with him in Beira. He got here on Wednesday night, so I had to walk with Elder Burchett for a couple days...

This week we were casually walking down the road in front of the military academy here in Nampula and all of a sudden I hear a bunch of trumpets. Immediately everyone stopped walking and everyone that was driving pulled over and got out of their cars. Everyone was staring at me!!!! I got super scared because I thought everyone was going to attack me... But then I looked behind me and everyone was staring at the Mozambican flag being retired, not me. I was still scared though....

Also, we were visiting a member and there was a rat in her house so we went on a hunt for the rat and tried killing it...

Everything is going well! Just enjoying my time while I am here! 

Have a great week!!! And I hope everyone had a great Easter!

Here is the apple pie I made this week

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