Monday, April 3, 2017

Outer Space


This week wasn't too exciting, pretty normal. So this email is going to be pretty short... sorry.

But, we are next-door neighbors with a hotel.... This week there was some super famous band from Angola staying there and the hotel and our house were surrounded by fangirling Mozambicans... It was kind of annoying because they were super loud, but I guess I better get used to it for when I am famous.

Also, my comp and I tried explaining outer space to some members. It is super funny because most people here don’t understand. We explained how the earth rotates and how there are stars bigger than the earth. Their reactions are priceless!

That is pretty much it. My mission is quickly coming to an end. It is kind of sad to think about sometimes, but I am also superrrrrrr excited! Only 7 more emails from me!

Have a great week. Love ya!

Here is a pic with 2 members, Brenda and Monica. I taught them how to make banana bread so they made me wear a capulana, lol!
This week has been super rainy.... Our house almost flooded on Saturday... We were all complaining for the lack of water and now we have too much water. So that’s good. Here is a pic of me in my area.... The water covered all the roads. This part where I am standing was the shallow part!!!

Family night with one of my favorite families here in Nampula!! Mario and Luisa. And we invited Brenda and Monica.

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