Monday, April 10, 2017

The Last Chapter

Hey everyone!
So today starts my FINAL transfer on the mission. What?? That is crazy! We don’t know what will happen with transfers until tomorrow because President Koch didn’t get back from the US until yesterday... But only 6 more weeks left... 5 more P-days! So if you haven't written me, you still have 5 more opportunities! :)
This week flew by (like always). We watched General Conference! Super nice! I loved it! It was super neat sustaining my Mission President as a 70.... I don’t know if I should call him President Koch or Elder Koch....
I am so close to achieving one of my mission goals, which is to have a family name their child after me. There is a pregnant member here and she is going to have a boy. They have a list of names they are choosing from and Kaylon is on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can always hope!
We helped that same member who might name their kid after me, move houses. That was fun! Moving here in Africa is pretty easy. It took only one truckload to move all of their stuff.
ALSO, we had one more baptism! Teresa got baptized. She is the daughter of some members. She is super strong! She is already preparing for a mission, so that’s neat! And she is pretty much a professional soccer player here in Mozambique.
That’s what happened this week. Hope you are all doing well!
Here is a pic from the baptism.

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  1. We miss you Kaylon! We are helping your mom on her countdown! It is exciting that you will be home soon, but very bittersweet because that means your family will be moving just as soon. :-( Make the last part the best part!!!