Monday, May 8, 2017

Qual E A "Senna"??

Hey everyone! This is my penultima P-day!!! WOOT WOOT!
This week flew by! We had a special Zone Conference this week in Beira. We were supposed to leave on Thursday, but our flight got canceled... So we ended up having to catch a flight Friday morning. It was crazy though because the Zone Conference started at 9 and we landed at 9... But they were nice enough to wait for us to get there. We were running around like crazy though....
I met the new mission president, Presidente Senna! He is super cool and super funny. Too bad I only have 2 more weeks with him!
Friday night I went with Elder Chikopa, since we served together in Beira, and we visited a bunch of our families and members that we knew. Super nice. I am glad I got to see most of those people before I go home.
On Saturday, we went home. We left Saturday morning to Pemba then sat there for 7 hours. BUT SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENED! The Mozambican President was ALSO going to Pemba that day, so when we landed there was a lot of commotion. We asked a bunch of people what was going on and they said that the president is coming. We saw his helicopter land and all their cultural dances and celebrations, super cool. I got kicked out of the airport though when he came cuz they thought we were from the CIA... awkward! I’m just a missionary doing missionary things. But I found a hidden place and we watched the president get into his car. He was like 10 feet away from me! I have passed 2 years here in Mozambique and only now am I seeing the president. Good way to close the mission I guess.
Well, that was my week. Super nice. Now I have to start saying bye to people here in Nampula because next week I leave to Maputo then HOME!
Next Monday is my FINAL Pday on the mission. Bittersweet!

Have a great week! Seya!  

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